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your Enterprise mobile platform.

Start with solid rugged mobile hardware

First, meet the Raptors!

Raptors are focussed on modern enterprise mobility needs, fully rugged but with the look and feel of familiar consumer devices with an ecosystem that supports your business

Raptor R4

Raptor R4

Rugged Android smartphone that's familiar, powerful with big battery.

Raptor R5

Raptor R5

5" fully rugged phablet, built for modern mobile business scenarios.

Raptor R8

Raptor R8

Rugged tablet For complex enterprise business needs.

We don't believe in "Rugged"... We believe in "Hybrid"

First class enterprise mobility today requires more than just a rugged device.

Raptors are "hybrid", bringing the Rugged PDA into the modern world.

Durability as important as ever

Raptors are extremely rugged, in fact more rugged than classic rugged handhelds.


The latest technology needs power. Raptors provide this with all day working using big Li-POL batteries.

Security & Provision

Our Raptor "Toolbelt" ecosystem keeps your hardware, data and users safe and secure whilst our provisioning services mean mobile devices arrive at your users ready to go.

... But still SLIM, LIGHT & FAMILIAR

Raptors are extremely durable but also slim and light. More in common with consumer devices when it comes to their size and shape.

Underpinned by Fast, reliable Support

A mobile solution is useless without great support. Raptor support is easy to understand, simple to use and gives you the help you need when you need it.

Rugged smartphone repairs

Basic Repair service

Fast < 5 day repairs. Our standard support is all you might need.

Rugged handheld swap out

Fast repairs

Unique, warranty based but super fast repairs.

Manged mobile support services

Comprehensive Cover

Complete TCO support for your mobile device.

Support portal mobile support

Support Portal

Proactive support with lots of features.

Enterprise mobility Services that reduce business risk

Our range of innovative services are designed to take away the headaches of "mobile". We focus on your mobile platform so you can focus on your business.


  • Protecting Data
  • Reducing employee risks
  • Dealing with lost devices
  • Keeping up to date


  • App provisioning
  • Configuration
  • Remote updates
  • Remote control


  • Bespoke ROM design
  • Branding
  • Accessory design
  • KIOSK Implementation


  • Barcoding NFC/RFID
  • Software development
  • Camera/inspection
  • GPS and Wireless

The Raptor Tool Belt
An ecosystem designed to keep your enterprise mobile solution running

Growing all the time, the Raptor "Toolbelt" includes a rage of tools all designed to help set-up, secure and protect your devices, people and critical business data.

Tools for mobile

Growing all the time, the "Toolbelt" includes everything you need to set-up, run, secure and look after your devices and people!


Keep your devices locked down, secure and available with built in KIOSK and Mobile device management tools.

OS Build

Customise your device operating system, keeping your settings, apps and tools completely persistent.

Simple Setup

Set up branding and settings quickly with built in easy to use set up.

Free utility apps

From SOS, to barcode scanning to battery monitoring and more, our list of useful apps are pre-installed, continually growing and always FREE.

Some of our latest work

Royal Mail Romec
PGA European Tour
Morning Foods

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